Is it too late?

Over the years, I've been asked this question a number of times. Parents often feel guilt for not going with their gut and getting answers sooner regarding their child's learning struggles. I always try to reassure parents that it is never too late. Of course early remediation is always the preference; however, there is help for older students, even adult students. My oldest student was 69 years old when we began working together! My first goal was to make sure my instruction would be appropriate. After all, this gentleman had experienced enough discouragement already. I wanted to make sure he was going to have success with the instruction I provided. After a little assessing, we began with a program to assist with hearing and feeling the sounds in language. After we completed that program, he was ready for an Orton-Gillingham program. We used the Barton Reading and Spelling program--the same program referenced in this article.

If you know someone struggling due to difficulties in reading or writing, encourage them to seek assistance. Certainly feel free to contact us, Shine Learning Services, if you (or they) have questions. 



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