We provide one-on-one instruction using appropriate interventions based on one’s individual assessment information. Progress monitoring is an integral part of providing appropriate ongoing services for clients.

Literacy Instruction

At Shine Learning Services, our reading and spelling instruction is designed to make sense of the English language. We provide instruction in a way that addresses the relationship between morphology, etymology, and orthographic phonology. Our goal is that students improve their overall literacy—reading words, spelling words, increasing vocabulary, and improving reading comprehension (Bowers & Bowers, 2017).

Knowing that we decode in order to make meaning, we utilize Thinking Maps as we assist students in thinking through texts of various kinds. Thinking Maps are used to assist a student in discussing and recording his or her ideas about a text or topic.

As a part of our overall literacy instruction, our goal is to assist individuals in becoming confident and competent writers. Knowing that oral language precedes written language, and all language works together, we incorporate listening, speaking, reading, and writing. To assist us in this endeavor, we incorporate Thinking Maps as well as materials from the Institute for Excellence in Writing.

Math Instruction

Prior to instruction, we assess needs and determine a focus for instruction. We then provide conceptually based, hands-on math instruction based on an individual's needs. We monitor student needs through ongoing progress monitoring and adjust instruction accordingly.