The Reading Wars Continue

In an attempt to make sure students do not progress through school without learning to read, Michigan has a new third grade reading law. A lofty goal. What type of instruction will be implemented in order to ensure students have a fair chance of moving forward rather than being retained due to an inability to read proficiently? In the following article, Mark Seidenberg states, "There have to be programs and investments to support teachers, students and parents." 

In 2017 Mark Seidenberg's book Language at the Speed of Sight was released. If you have time, read his book! If you don't have time, take a look at this brief article. It may spark a fire in you to delve deeper into the topic of "how we read, why so many can't, and what can be done about it."

The Gap Between The Science on Kids And Reading, And How It Is Taught by Claudio Sanchez

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